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Donations Starting Soon!


By clicking our Crowdfunding link 


Help Us Grow

Your donations will enable us to grow as we would be able to purchase more saplings, and equipment, and permit us to host more plantation drives around the world. 

Through your donations, we would also be facilitated to collaborate with schools and other businesses as a result of leaving a positive mark on our society.

For every 50 rupees donated we will plant one "sapling", which would be displayed on our official Instagram account!


Help us save the world, One Sapling at a Time!

This is how we leave a mark
- One Sapling at a Time 

Why should you donate to us?

We at One Sapling at a Time are working towards preserving our Mother Earth by planting as many saplings as we can and encouraging the youth to volunteer and join our organization.

At the same time, our plantation drives are also organized as a result, of your donations. We understand that a lot of you don't have time on your hands to volunteer and plant trees, and that's where we come in.

Any amount of money that you wish to donate to this cause you can donate to our organization and we would use your money to buy saplings and plant them. This way you can contribute your bit to help save the environment. Even a small amount of money donated would help in creating a huge difference. 

How are we gonna use your money?

As soon as you donate money to our organization, you can send us a screenshot through DM on our Instagram to confirm your donation. 


We would update you regarding our plantation drives and share our journey and experiences of planting all the saplings on our Instagram for everyone to view.


This way you'll know that your money is being used for the right purpose by us. We would make sure that your contribution doesn't go to waste.


What are you waiting for?

Donate now and help us in making a difference. We all have to live on the same planet so let's all join hands and make this world a healthier and more sustainable place to live in.

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