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Like, share, follow, and be a part of our movement. Our valued team consists of individuals ranging from 5 to 19 years from across the globe and diverse platforms enable students to contribute to our cause.

You would also get all the latest updates about our plantation drives and individual contribution. 

We value all the support we could get. You could also DM us on our official Instagram page to be a part of our team and view our first-hand content.

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What we have to offer:

Go to our official "Instagram" to view:

- Our live Sapling count

- Our exclusive content! 

- Our plantation drives

- Our kitchen farming posts

- Our upcoming events

- Our milestones

- Our collabs

- Our locations (countries)

- Our nature photography

- Our variety of indoor & water plants

- Our volunteers making a change

- Our guides

- Our sapling info

- Inspirational posts

- Up-to-date factual posts


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Get a glimpse of our feed:

  • Instagram
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