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"Our Process"

"Our Process" is really simple... Not as simple as just digging a hole and planting a sapling. We follow a process that ensures that each and every sapling planted is displayed to you and taken care of as a result of your support and donations. We believe that we can make a change individually and collectively.

Individually as we persuade "Our Team" and viewers by planting saplings in your home or neighborhood. You can contribute at a personal level by "donatingto our initiative. Only through your generous donation do we stand here today. As mentioned above, by participating in activities such as nurturing indoor plants, kitchen gardening, and planting around your home and neighborhood, you would ensure a sustainable and healthy livelihood for you and your loved ones. Moreover, as you plant saplings, you are indirectly supporting "Urban Forestry" as you make your city cleaner and greener "One Sapling at a Time".


Collectively by being a part of "Our Team" and by volunteering in our plantation drives and collaborations with schools, businesses, and social groups. Through your donations, we would be equipped to host our plantation drives all around the world. We have successfully hosted 15 plantation drives: 2 in Dubai and 13 across various cities in India (as of 1st Sept 2023). Therefore, by being a part of our group projects, we could plant more saplings faster and accomplish our goals.

(Reminder: Our NGO, website, social account, donations, and plantation drives

are all run by teenagers around the globe by being a part of "Our Team")

Reel by Vanya Agarwal - "Marketing Head Ludhiana" One Sapling at a Time

Step 1: Collect donations via "Crowdfunding"

Check it out!


Step 2: Find a suitable site to plant "Saplings"

  1. Talk to authorities.

  2. Get their permission.

  3. And you're all set. 

(For example, we had to connect with the Dubai municipality to find a suitable location for the plantation drive in Dubai*)


Step 3: Purchase saplings and necessary equipment

Through the money generated from crowdfunding, we are enabled to purchase quality saplings from local nurseries and the necessary equipment required in our plantation drives. Such as shovels, mini shovels, watering cans, nutrient-rich garden soil, and gardening gloves.

Step 4: Organize a plantation drive on a convenient date and time

After discussing with the team! We finalize the date and site for our plantation drive.

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance.”

- Bruce Lee.

Step 5: Spread the "Word"

Through posting and sharing content on our official Instagram page @onesaplingatatime

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Step 6: "Get Your Hands Dirty"

Voilà! It's inevitable.

 Step 7: Share "Our" experiences and journey on our official Instagram account @onesaplingatatime

It's an experience of a lifetime!

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